*NEW* Annual Keyword Tracking

If you sign up for this service, Aleka will be in charge of tracking your keyword rankings so you don't have to!

Aleka is now offering an annual keyword tracking subsciption service!

You may have your keywords down but are you continuously TRACKING them?

Doing this properly, requires the right tools such as ahrefs or semrush.

You will meet via Zoom once a month to discuss where your rankings are and what can be done to help improve them.

How This Differs From Aleka's 2 Hour Coaching Session:

This annual subscription service is different from Aleka's Two Hour Coaching session because Aleka will be actively tracking your keywords throughout the entire year.

Think of it as a keyword ACCOUNTABILITY service that is a crucial investment in your blog!

Why bloggers need this service?

Bloggers have 1000 things on their plate and keyword tracking is a HUGE, tedious task that many people do not know how to do properly. Let Aleka take on this task for you!

Most bloggers use the wrong tools to track rankings and end up updating content with inaccurate data.

If you allow Aleka to take over your tracking, she will apply her keyword expertise when analyzing your keywords to ensure you are taking advantage of missed opportunities year-round.

Many bloggers put hours and hours into creating new content or updating old posts blindlessly. But analzying your rankings will help to give you more guidance behind those updates so you can capitalize on content that is ALREADY published.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do we start?

Upon purchasing, you will be asked to schedule a 30 minute intro call via Zoom. The purpose of this call will be to meet eachother as well as allow me to learn more about you and your blog. You will tell me your goal from this service and we will decide on an action plan moving forward.

What type of blogger is this service for?

This service is for bloggers in ANY niche who wish to grow their organic traffic and do not have the time to track rankings themselves.

What if I am not happy?

Aleka will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you signed up for. If you are unhappy after the first quarter, Aleka will revisit things to determine the right course of action.

This service is not available at the moment.

Click the link below to be added to the waitlist!