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About Aleka

I am the founder of Aleka's Get-Together. I also have a Master's Degree in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum from Drexel University and was a teacher for ten years.

After keyword researching ineffectively for over two years, I was finally able to triple my organic search traffic in under four months by changing a few simple research strategies.

Having published only 120 recipes, I was able to rank for over 50k different keywords receiving 75% of my traffic from Google.

In my courses and service offerings, I teach you how to become a keyword expert so you can create top ranking content that will bring you sustainable traffic for years to come!

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Aleka has been featured on:

Food Blogger Pro

Aleka chats with Bjork Ostrom about how to increase your organic traffic using proper keyword research!
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Smart Influencer Podcast

Listen to Aleka discuss her strategy for outranking bigger websites. She also shares the tools uses to improve SEO.
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Tastemaker Conference

Aleka was a guest speaker at the 2021 and 2022 Tastemaker Conference where she shared tips and tricks for tracking and analyzing keywords with other passionate food bloggers.

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"Cooking With Keywords transformed my blog traffic. It was a huge catalyst for taking my blog from a hobby to a full time income. The comprehensive course was detailed, well laid out, easily approachable, and so helpful. Since starting the course, organic traffic has become my number one source of traffic. I am blown away by the changes I have seen since starting this course. The investment was completely worth it!"

-Addison LaBonte from Organically Addison

"If you want to really see your posts take off then you must take advantage of this course! Learn how to do keyword research and find the keywords you’re missing. Aleka’s teaching style is clear and straight forward and you not only will get great tips but you will also get in depth instructions. Multiple internet tools are explained for finding your keywords. Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping old posts these lessons are invaluable. Seriously, there is so much more. Don’t miss this course as it’s the only one you’ll ever need."

-Ginny McMeans from Vegan In The Freezer

"I've had a food blog for 13 years and thought I knew quite a bit about conducting keyword research. After taking Aleka's course, I've realized how much I didn't know! Her strategy tips will change the way you think about blog content and will help take your rankings to the next level. Whether you're writing new content or updating and optimizing old blog posts, Cooking with Keywords is a necessity for new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike!"

-Sues from We Are Not Martha

"With all the "things" that bloggers have to do now it can get a little overwhelming. I understand that keyword research is important, but then what? Keyword Tracking and Analysis is crucial to keep your momentum going and to avoid falling through the SEO cracks. It's great as a compliment to Cook with Keywords or a stand alone course on what to do after you update or create a new post. Thanks to Aleka I have the tools and knowledge to stay on top of my rankings to help grow my business."

-Randa from